​Jennifer Dougherty PhD

Ashtanga Yoga & Science


Jennifer has been passionate about science and the environment as long as she can remember, ok well at least since her early 20's. She holds a B.S in Earth Sciences and M.S & Ph.D in Environmental Engineering from Stanford University, specializing in organic environmental contaminants including pharmaceuticals and personal care products. Her specific background allows her to help individuals and organizations wishing to minimize their exposure to problematic chemicals. She currently teaches chemistry to high school students in hopes of inspiring young minds to think critically about our world and the chemicals everywhere. 




Jennifer teaches the Ashtanga method of yoga traditionally, with warmth and compassion, placing primary focus on the breath. Her work as a teacher is to share her love of yoga and help students on their personal path of transformation. She will meet you where you are.

An Ashtanga practitioner since 2000, Jennifer has witnessed and experienced the transformative and healing power of Mysore-Style Ashtanga firsthand (she credits yoga practice for getting her through a PhD from Stanford). Authorized (Level 2) to teach by the Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, India (KPJAYI), she has made 10+ extended trips to India since 2007, to study both with the late Sri K Pattahbi Jois who founded the practice, and, his grandson R. Sharath Jois. She was invited and attended a unique 2 month speical course at KPJAYI for teachers in 2014. She returns to India biannally to further her studies and was honored to assist Sharath in the KPJAYI shala. 

Besides Ashtanga, Jennifer is a student of Vipassana meditation primarily under S.N Goenka and his assistant teachers.  While in India, she studies Sanskirt chanting and philosophy with Dr. M.A Jayashree, and continues to chant daily wherever she is.